I'm loving this!

I’m loving this!

I don’t get to make it everyday, but when I do, I’m very happy. The perfect home-brewed latte.  Brew Cafe Bustelo (or your favorite espresso) on the stove top…

Heat fat free milk – I nuke it for a minute or so….the mason jar is a requirement because I give mine a good shake before heating.  Your call-if you like a little foam (and I do like a very little foam)…

Then I get out one of my favorite cups-today’s happened to be  this mossy Frankoma number….I squeeze a small amount of light agave syrup in first, followed by the espresso (quantity varies by taste-I like mine strong!) and the the hot, frothy, milk.  Spoon out a bit of foam and dollop it on top.  Delicious!



We were thankful for our midweek Independence. So easy to take our freedom for granted. So difficult to imagine the realities of those who have never tasted it.

We embraced the day and gave into a couple of kiddos who couldn’t wait for night fall to pop their treasured fireworks!