I’m a generalist by nature.  I love to learn new things and find it difficult to be tied down.  My interests are broad and varied.  Come explore with me.  We’ll learn the essentials together.  Ifyou find your passion and would like to specialize, I’ll give you the links to get started.  We’ll look at needlearts, beading, gardening….you know, such the like.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. I have recently become in love with all things crocheted. I am interested in taking a class. Do you offer classes? Do you know where a class is in East Texas.

    1. I don’t offer classes-I feel like I’m still a student, LOL! Classes can be difficult to find in this area. I’ve seen Hobby Lobby advertise some on occassion-and I know there’s a group that meets at Booksamillion on Thursday evenings (mostly comprised of knitters though). Are you in Longview or is Tyler an option for you?

      1. Carol, I don’t know if you’re interested in an online option, but Craftsy.com offers a Crochet class that’s on sale right now for 14.99. It’s called crochet lab and Vickie Howell is the instructor. It might be a great introduction while you’re looking for someone local.

  2. Amy, I’ve nominated you for the kreativ blogger award…you are very creative indeed 🙂 pass by the homestead and collect if you like.

  3. Your blog is great! Thanks for the visit and the follow! If you haven’t seen it yet, I have a main blog on crochet/knit/crafts.

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