We went on vacation, and we all fell in love. ¬†The plan was to keep close to home, while exploring somewhere we’d never been. ¬†So we headed to Arkansas. ¬†I was hopeful, but I kept my expectations in check. ¬†I hoped we’d have a good time. ¬†I hoped the kids weren’t bored. I hoped it would be nice enough that we’d be comfortable. ¬†I hope to find it “ok”. ¬†Well folks, it was more than “ok”. ¬†It was fantastic!

Petit Jean State Park is a jewel in the Arkansas Park system.  The first state park in Arkansas, many of the buildings at the park are stone structures built by the depression era Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration. This includes Mather Lodge where we stayed.  Entering the breezeway of Mather Lodge is like stepping through a frame into a picture.

The hiking was amazing. ¬†Some hikes were easy. ¬†Some hikes were challenging. ¬†All of them were beautiful. It’s so wonderful to see your kids outdoors! ¬†Scrambling across rocks and running toward their next adventure.

We hiked down to the base of Cedar Falls. Unfortunately, the state is in the middle of a brutal drought, and the water was only a trickle as it reached the edge. If you look very closely, you can see it.

The kids were undaunted and declared the water cold and wonderful. ¬†We’ve vowed to return when we can see the falls in full glory.

We explored and went swimming and feasted on hamburgers with an appalling frequency.

It was exactly what a vacation should be.

We bickered and laughed and argued and teased and told each other “I love you” at least one hundred times each.

Memories are made of this.








This is a Serious Bag…



Serious in that, I decided to go big. ¬†Without reservation, I took those brilliant rainbow hexagons and cobbled them into one mother of a beach bag. ¬†How big? ¬†In the picture above there are no less than three gigantic beach towels tucked inside, and there’s still plenty of room to spare.


Serious?  Long handles to swing over your shoulder without worrying about it bumping into anything else that might be hanging there.

Handles crocheted with two strands of worsted weight cotton and doubled up on each other….that kind of serious….

The lining? ¬†A repurposed pillow case….because a serious bag should have a seriously competent lining. ¬†But mostly I thought it was pretty…and easy….I cut the top off, hemmed it, and stitched it in. ¬†Easy is cool…and serious….

This is a vacation bag, and this girl is going on vacation!  Have a wonderful weekend and week my friends!