This is a Serious Bag…



Serious in that, I decided to go big.  Without reservation, I took those brilliant rainbow hexagons and cobbled them into one mother of a beach bag.  How big?  In the picture above there are no less than three gigantic beach towels tucked inside, and there’s still plenty of room to spare.


Serious?  Long handles to swing over your shoulder without worrying about it bumping into anything else that might be hanging there.

Handles crocheted with two strands of worsted weight cotton and doubled up on each other….that kind of serious….

The lining?  A repurposed pillow case….because a serious bag should have a seriously competent lining.  But mostly I thought it was pretty…and easy….I cut the top off, hemmed it, and stitched it in.  Easy is cool…and serious….

This is a vacation bag, and this girl is going on vacation!  Have a wonderful weekend and week my friends!



12 thoughts on “This is a Serious Bag…

  1. Very lovely. Think you have inspired me with my crochet. Have been meaning to make a bag for a while and I might have a go as I have finished the bunting. Now…. Which one shall I make….

  2. It is seriously beautiful!!! I love everything about it, the recycling, the colors, the size, the colors…oh, did I mention, the colors are awesome. The blues just make the hot colors POP!

  3. Ooooo, I SERIOUSLY love your SERIOUS big bag. haha. I’ve been wanting to stitch up some of my hexagons into a bag, and you are inspiring me to actually do it. I love the re-purposed pillow case. I’ll have to start searching around the yard sales. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi – I am in the process of making this bag and have got to the point of putting all of the hexagons together. That worked well, did the front, and the back. I put them together, however, it did not come out right as I did not understand how to fold one side of the Motif in half and then crochet it together. Is there a better way of explaining that or telling me how to do this, since you so obviously are good at it!?! Yours looks wonderful! Mine has crazy lumps on the sides of the bottom where I didn’t do the folding thing. I just can’t figure it out (I’m pretty beginning at crocheting).

    1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I had trouble with the bottom corners as well. The instructions say,

      “With RS of Motifs facing each other and F, work 1 row of sc to
      crochet Motifs tog as shown on Chart, noting at each corner
      of bottom edge, one side of Motif will be folded in half and
      crocheted tog as shown on Assembly Diagram.”

      The folded in half and crocheted together part was the key. In order to form that corner, you actually are crocheting the edge hexagon to itself at the bottom. Which feels weird, because you’ve been focusing on attaching the hexagons to other hexagons. I hope this helps-if it doesn’t let me know and I’ll try to send you a picture.

      So glad you stopped by!

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