I'm loving this!

I’m loving this!

I don’t get to make it everyday, but when I do, I’m very happy. The perfect home-brewed latte.  Brew Cafe Bustelo (or your favorite espresso) on the stove top…

Heat fat free milk – I nuke it for a minute or so….the mason jar is a requirement because I give mine a good shake before heating.  Your call-if you like a little foam (and I do like a very little foam)…

Then I get out one of my favorite cups-today’s happened to be  this mossy Frankoma number….I squeeze a small amount of light agave syrup in first, followed by the espresso (quantity varies by taste-I like mine strong!) and the the hot, frothy, milk.  Spoon out a bit of foam and dollop it on top.  Delicious!

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