Chicken Mission…the Midlife Crisis Continues

It’s spring and my mind has turned to thoughts of….chickens?  It’s my new learning frontier! This weekend, I am on a chicken mission.

  • Chicken Coop     –      Check
  • Feeder/Waterer  –      Check
  • Nesting Boxes     –     Check
  • Shavings              –     Check

We are go for chickens.  I’m in search of three to four sweet dispositioned young ladies.  I do not want babies.  Baby chicks are high maintenance, and we’re all full up on high maintenance around my house.  I do not want boys.  They are noisy and I like my neighbor.  He’s a very nice man who deserves peace and quiet in his own backyard.  I just want fresh eggs.  Glorious, tasty, healthy fresh eggs.  Eggs from happy, healthy, wholesome chickens!

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