Chicken Mission…the Midlife Crisis Continues

It’s spring and my mind has turned to thoughts of….chickens?  It’s my new learning frontier! This weekend, I am on a chicken mission.

  • Chicken Coop     –      Check
  • Feeder/Waterer  –      Check
  • Nesting Boxes     –     Check
  • Shavings              –     Check

We are go for chickens.  I’m in search of three to four sweet dispositioned young ladies.  I do not want babies.  Baby chicks are high maintenance, and we’re all full up on high maintenance around my house.  I do not want boys.  They are noisy and I like my neighbor.  He’s a very nice man who deserves peace and quiet in his own backyard.  I just want fresh eggs.  Glorious, tasty, healthy fresh eggs.  Eggs from happy, healthy, wholesome chickens!


Seascape in Catania


A variation on Pierrot 29-31 that I posted here.  You can find the pattern on their site.  I love these colors! They make me crave the beach and all things reminiscent of the sea. I used Catania mercerized cotton and I’m experiencing a little mini-obsession with this particular yarn.

Perfect for a lacy all-weather scarf.  Let’s play hooky and go to the beach!

Get it…..hooky….?


The Siren Call of Yarn…

You’ve taught yourself a few stitches, maybe even made your first simple crochet item with from one of the “Learn to Crochet” resources we discussed earlier.  You’re starting to get excited and you’re ready to pick out something a little more substantial.

Here’s what I remember about those first forays to the craft stores.  Whether you’re at a Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Joann’s, whatever, the patterns, yarns and books can be pretty overwhelming.  I had a terrible habit of buying yarn, and then trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it.  Not your best path forward folks.  You wind up with the wrong amounts, or the wrong weight yarn and you wind up going back to the store for more.  You’ll be better served to 1) look at what’s available online. 2) Make a decision about your pattern, and 3) then go in search of yarn.

I know, I know, it sounds like a no brainer, but the siren call of yarn can be a powerful thing.  I’m trying to save you some money and closet space.  Repeat after me…'”First pick the Project.”  Go ahead, repeat it…Now, “Then Pick the Yarn.”  Good.  Repeat it again. “First pick the Project. Then Pick the Yarn.” Say it to yourself about 500 times, and you will thank me.  Your spouse and children will thank me.

Your welcome.