A Sewing Do-Over

Sewing and I have a love/hate relationship.  I’ve always been fascinated by it in theory.  But it’s always fallen apart in practice.  As a kid, my mom put in a good faith effort to teach me to sew.  The poor woman finished every item I ever started.  Unfailingly, the projects were miserable experiences.  The detail…The jargon…The need for constant focus…all of it worked to my weaknesses.  Even then, I was a big picture girl-conceptual and broad in my focus.  Attention to detail has always been an “opportunity” for me.

After I began crocheting, however, my craft blog obsession led me to all that sewing can produce.  The adorable, the beautiful, the intricate, the awesome projects on the web beckoned….and I began to covet.  I began to covet the ability to sew.  Per my usual mode of operation, I made the decision to learn and immediately began collecting all the accoutrements needed.  Especially fabric….stacks of it.  That’s what I do-I collect…

Over the last three years, I’ve completed the following:

  • One apron
  • A handful of cup cozies
  • One skirt
  • Approximately 25 pair of pajama pants
  • Curtains
  • Monday’s  pillowcase

I enjoyed the curtains and the monkey pillowcase.  The others? Not so much.  I make so many stupid mistakes!  So I’m regrouping.  I can do this!

I’m starting over….that’s right, a sewing do-over.  First, the basics….pillows! I’m more than tired of the throw pillows in the living room.  I’m going to use some of this freaking fabric if it’s the last thing I do!

I’m thinking some combination of these…They make me happy.

I’m also going to look for a class.  I won’t let my past define me.  That’s right, I call “do over”.


14 thoughts on “A Sewing Do-Over

  1. I LOVE your colors…just about what my choices are in my living room. I can and do sew, but don’t really like to that much. Not the least of which is the cost. I taught dd to sew and she made a skirt last year out of a gorgeous silk dupioni that was a freebie from 4H. When she was at her evaluation the question came: “What did you learn by doing this project?”
    in her youthful honest way she answered, “I learned that I hate sewing!” haha…
    Good for you to be on a do-over. I look forward to seeing your work here 😉

  2. Gorgeous fabrics, looking forward to seeing the results. I’m a far from being perfect at sewing but I love fabrics and haberdashery. I know some things but I don’t know others and I’m often not very accurate like when it comes to patchwork! In recent years I’ve hated it because I have had to get the sewing machine out… Then put it away when I’m done. What a pain. But now I can leave it out, Yay!! I wouldn’t mind learning more but the only class nearby is for upholstery. Well done for not giving up.

    1. I’ve loved seeing your patchwork over the last few months! Perfection is much overrated, and you’re very talented. At this point, my goal is baseline competency…lol! I’m actually checking out another class called Sewing Studio with Dianna Rupp. I’m hoping that it will be at least as effective as the Tunisian Crochet class has been.

      1. Ah that kind of patchwork is fine. I mean the kind with triangles where all your points are supposed to meet… That never happens! I totally agree though, perfection is overrated. Mmmmm maybe Craftsy is the way to go.

  3. Love love love your choice of fabrics and colours! (And I can so relate to the whole ‘do-over”…my do-over in knitting has gone very well….the crocheting and sewing? Well, let’s just say, there will have to be another couple of re-do’s ;P)

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