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Peace, Love, Spa…

The last two months have been nutty!  Too much and too little!  As in too much to do, too little time to do it in. (sorry about ending with a preposition….sometimes one has to let the grammar thing go just a little)  I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however.  So I’m back! Set the pigeons loose!

My sweet baby angel girl turned eleven Saturday.  It was a big day.  We invited our two BFF’s over and themed the weekend, “Peace, Love, Spa!”.  We even made t-shirts.  Our logo was rocking, but our iron on t-shirt transfer let us down…boo….

The t-shirts were just the tip of the iceburg, however.  It was a tween dream at my house this weekend.  We had Beauty Buckets

We did an array of facial treatments including a cucumber, green tea, avocado mush that we whipped up in the blender.

We had an assortment of fascinating reading material….We’re officially current on our horoscope, fashion, teen celebrity gossip and an assortment of quizzes.

We made a sugar scrub that was delightful if I do say so myself.  I used a modified version of this recipe that I found on Pinterest.  My modifications were pretty simple.  I used colored sugar sprinkles to make the pretty colors and flavored extracts instead of essential oils.  I also used a coconut oil that wasn’t super-refined, so the girls wound up with coconut-orange-vanilla sugar body scrub.   Baby soft skin ?  You betcha!

The next morning, bright and early, we headed to the Nail Salon for mani/pedi’s.  (Mom even got a pedicure! Magic hands…that’s all I’m saying.)

Nope.  No spoiled little girls at my house.  Just soft, pampered tootsies. Zebra striped tootsies to be more specific.

Zebra striped tootsies and an ice cream cake!  Does it get any better than this?

6 thoughts on “Peace, Love, Spa…

  1. How fun! Do you want to be my mom for my next birthday. I’m sure I could find my tween giggle and scream. May be a little dusty, but I don’t mind cleaning off a little dust. 😉

  2. Awesome! Sorry about your t-shirts. We did this (without the trip to a pedi salon) for my granddaughter, Isabelle’s 8th birthday. We called it Tickle Me Pink Spa. We had it at my house with 10 other little girls. And we went all out. We had a professional makeup artist (who heard me talking about Isabelle at a coffee shop and volunteered her time – total stranger – you’ll understand in a second.) BTW, I understand the obsession with ending a sentence with a prep, and considering the shape of that last sentence, no need to worry. I was a journalist for seven years and my much younger editor always ended her sentences like that – never heard of the rule or something). I digress.
    We had “stations.” Foot bath, nails, makeup, hair act, which ended with a glamor photo shoot. I did the photos of each little girl after she was done. We had tea sandwiches, petite fours and fruit and dips. There were also party games and presents.
    My daughter went all out for Isabelle because we almost didn’t have her for her eighth birthday. When she was 7.5 years old, she was diagnosed with a very rare and very aggressive form of Leukemia. We tend to spoil them when they are that sick. Her birthday party was postponed many months in order to let her hair grow back in a bit after her final chemo treatment.
    Anyway, I think your gift to your daughter was amazing and she will remember it her whole life. I’m not sure if Belle will remember hers that well. The chemo played havoc with her memory, but we have a ton of photographs!

  3. super fun 🙂 we did this last year (b’day 12) this year was all about NOT having mama & dad too much ‘at’ the party…ahhh…individuation. Loved the beauty buckets Amy 🙂

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