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Comfort and Joy!

I woke up this morning and cuddled with my six year old.  He still likes to cuddle with mom, thank goodness!  I made Nutella cocoa and a rich, strong latte and sat down with my family in the morning light.  And I felt happiness.  In that way that you feel it in random moments.  Tired, but relaxed and content.  So lucky. Such Comfort and Joy!

LatteAnd I spied our tree sitting there in the morning light and it was beautiful.

Latte-treeSo I grabbed my camera, because that what you do, right?



You take pictures of things that are beautiful!


Pictures of Comfort and Joy!




9 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy!

    1. Dissolve Nutella in milk over a medium heat. I add a touch of vanilla. Very simple, very delicious! Top with marshmallows or whip cream or both!

  1. Your tree is gorgeous. You should have seen our tree. Just think of the Charlie Brown Christmas and you’ll get an idea of what it looked like. Why did we pick such an ugly tree? Easy: 1) cheap, 2) easily disposable.

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