Tunisian…Ta Da!

I completed the first panel of Jennifer Hansen’s Tunisian Multi-Garment!

It was fun.  Learning Tunisian has been very gratifying. These pictures  were taken after my first quick run at blocking.  I still have some perfecting to do with the structure.

I have a sneaky suspicion that I would have been happier with a slightly larger size.  I won’t know for certain until I’ve completed the second panel.  The sizes were based on bust circumference and I think I would prefer a little more length on what will inevitably be the “torso”.  Maybe I’m long-waisted….or maybe my tummy is a little more of an issue than my bust….

The color work is fascinating.  Let it be known, however, that it leaves a gazillion ends to be woven.  Hence the probable delay in starting the second panel for the garment.  I need a little time to forget what a pain those ends were.

All in all, however, I’m extremely pleased!  The Craftsy class on Tunisian was a great experience.  I’ve signed on for three additional classes since beginning the Tunisian.  I’m not sure that the instruction I’m seeing is the same quality that Jennifer Hansen provided in the Tunisian class, but I love the platform and  recommend it for anyone who struggles to find classes available in your location or that work with your schedule.

9 thoughts on “Tunisian…Ta Da!

  1. Ooooh, I love this too. I will have to pick up tunisian… Maybe I’ll search for a class in my area. I love these colors. My girlfriend has a cute scarf which was striped width-wize, and they left all the ends as fringe. It looked really pretty! I’ve been thinking of doing that with an afghan..

    Anyway, I love these colors, and the tunisian crochet looks wonderful! How would you rate its difficulty compared to regular crochet?.

    1. In some ways it’s more difficult and in other aspects, easier. You don’t have to turn your work, which is good. But it feels like it takes longer, which for me is bad. I like to move quickly through a project, and even when I had a stitch down, I didn’t really feel the rhythm I was looking for. Physically, it felt a little more demanding for the muscles in my dominant hand. I had to hold a greater degree of tension while stitching and it left my hand a little sore. I’m sure some of this would pass with practice.

      Thank you for your wonderful comments!

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